Services for victims of sexual assault

The Network of Sexual Assault Service Providers on Cape Breton Island offer a wide range of assistance to those in crisis. Each situation would be individually assessed and the needs of the victim is of utmost priority. Law enforcement officers are available 24 hours a day for emergency 911 calls. Officers can explain some of the options and provide accompaniment to the emergency department if requested. If charges are pursued victims are counselled on what can be expected through this process. Victim Services are there to prepare victims for court proceedings and explain what they are entitled to through their office.

Support Services are available throughout the island. These can include support counselling, trauma-informed therapy, shelter, clothing, food, safety plan, and on-going assistance as the victim goes through the process of healing after an assault. By contacting any of the Network partners, many doors are opened, to offer a non-judgemental community based approach to services for sexual assault victims. By visiting any of the sites of agencies linked here you can learn more about all of the services available along with contact information. We hope this guide provides awareness of services in our community.


services providers


RCMP – 911

Non-emergency after hours number for all detachments: 1-800-803-7267 Sydney (and area) 902-794-5800...